ATK – Angeli, the killer
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Angeli, the Killer

STUDIO. Coala Filmes/ ROLE. Animation Assistant, Compositing

Angeli, the Killer is an stop motion animated series inspired in the works of the Brazilian cartoonist, Angeli, creator of the magazine “Chiclete com Banana”.

The series is mix of a documentary with interviews with Angeli himself, and free adaptations of his characters and comics. With an urban thematic, criticizing Brazilian habits and day-to-day life, each episode had a specific theme that was the motto for its development. This interview with Angeli was the spine for building humor sketches with the cartoonist as an animated puppet; fictional scenes with his characters; and animated sketches conducted by a couple of narrators that unite the episodes and give the series its tone.

Studio: Coala Filmes

Director: Cesar Cabral

Based on: “Angeli’s Comics”, “Chiclete com Banana” magazine

Script: Leandro Maciel, Juliana Frank, Guilherme Coube, Cesar Cabral, Carla Gallo

Graphics: Rodolfo Lofredo, Gustavo Miaciro, André Kim

Layout: Daniel Bruson

Sets: Olynto Tahara

Animation: Rosaria Moreira, Thomas Larson, Rosana Van Der Meer, Maurício Nunes, Guto Br, Fabio Yamaji, Erica Valle, Daniel Rabanea

Camera: Marcelo Trotta

Compositing: Rodolfo Lofredo, Gustavo Miaciro, André Kim

Music: Marcio Nigro, André Abujamra

Editing: Leandro Maciel, Cesar Cabral

Voice: Veridiana Benassi, Reinaldo Rodrigues, André Abujamra, Paulo Cesar Pereio, Hugo Possolo, Milhem Cortaz, Grace Gianoukas, Regina Bittar, Odayr Batista, Angeli